About Pakman

The Pakman Awards are national awards that recognise excellence in waste management and recycling among businesses, organisations, community groups and initiatives in Ireland.

Entry to the Pakman Awards is free, and the deadline for entries has been extended to Monday, 9th September, 2019. For tickets to the Pakman Awards 2019, please email info@pakman.ie 

The Pakman Awards were launched in 2015 by Repak to replace the Repak Recycling Awards and allow more accessibility to the awards for all organisations who demonstrate their sustainability and environmental efforts. The inaugural Pakman marked a significant change in direction for Repak whose awards were previously only open to its members and recovery operators. Now all organisations who can demonstrate their environmental waste management practices and efforts can enter. This year’s awards will be held at the Intercontinental Hotel on October 24th 2019.

The awards are free to enter and, on behalf of our sponsors, we want to welcome all entrants for this year and we hope to see you all at the 2019 Pakman Awards.